Agudath Israel of Staten Island-Bais Eliezer
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19th Annual Dinner

Honoring our 3 Amazing Children's Programs

"The Agudah hosts the world class Chaim Ozer Pretter-Motzei Shabbos-Father & Son Learning Program, the Agudah Shabbos Afternoon Bnos Program, and now the Dovid Winiarz-Shabbos Afternoon-Family Learning Program. These three flourishing and amazing programs motivate and instill our youngsters with an exciting love for Torah and Derech Eretz in a fun and thrilling environment.

We will publish a journal to afford you the opportunity to pay tribute to any and/or all of these programs, but more importantly to your child or grandchild who has been attending and enjoying these events. You will also have the opportunity to express your appreciation for our Rov, our officers, or for any of the many individuals who make a difference to our Shul.

This year we have tragically lost several individuals whose memories of them will never be lost. We invite you to please pay tribute to Mr. Mordechai Vago A"H, beloved father of Dovid Vago; Mr. Benzion Weiss A"H, beloved husband of Estee; Mrs. Chaya Trenk A”H; beloved wife of Paul, and Reb Dovid Winiarz A"H, beloved husband of Miriam. They were true role models to all who were fortunate to know them."

Young Israel of Staten Island
835 Forest Hill Road
Staten Island, New York

June 24, 2015   Reception: 6:00PM

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