Agudath Israel of Staten Island-Bais Eliezer
46 Birchard Avenue
Staten Island N.Y. 10314

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to inform you that the 20th annual dinner of the Agudath Israel of Staten Island, will IY"H take place Wednesday evening June 7, 2017 at the Young Israel of Staten Island.

This year marks the 34th year of leadership of our illustrious Mara D'asra HaRav Moshe Meir Weiss Shlita. The impact he has made on his Mispallelim and Talmidim, as well as the entire Staten Island community is well known and greatly appreciated by all. Each one of us have benefited in a personal and personalized fashion from the Rov's wisdom, Daas Torah, and his unrelenting pursuit of peace and harmony, be it the home, at Shul or in the community at large.

This year we will be honoring two distinguished members of our community. HaRav Yaakov Shalom, who heads the David Winiarz learning program in the Aguda every Shabbos. He is also one of the illustrious Rabbis who gives Chinuch to the middle school Yeshiva boys in RJJ. We are also honoring Mr. Yisroel Gruber. One of the first Chasidim to become a full-time member of our shul and a regular Daf Yomi goer.

We will be presenting a Electronic publication where each of you will be afforded the opportunity to express your appreciation and sentiments to either HaRav Shalom or Mr. Gruber, or any other individual(s) who make a difference to our Shul. You may also choose to place an ad expressing a personal Hakoras Hatov to a loved one.

Please complete the Form that accompanies this letter, and help us make this year's dinner a huge success.

We sincerely thank you, and anticipate your generous support.

Oren Finkel
Barry Ciment
Dinner Chairman
Feivel Elfman
Journal Coordinator

We invite you to place an ad in an Electronic Publication expressing your good wishes to the honorees or for any other occasion.

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If paying by check, please make check payable to Agudath Israel of Staten Island
For more information please call (917)742-7678

A donation of $275 or greater entitles you to an ad plus two complimentary dinner tickets. Your donation is tax deductible except for $40.00 per person if attending dinner. Your check must accompany your ad/reservations.

- Thank you,
Oren Finkel and the Entire Agudath Israel of S.I.